Monday, August 8, 2011


I seriously can not get enough of my new android phone, Pinterest, & Ocracoke Island.  If you don't know much about either of these, I highly recommend you doing some research.

We just spent 5 days in the lovely Outer Banks of NC, at OI last week.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  Joseph & I took a trip a few months before our 1 year anniversary, and this trip just happened to fall on our 3 year anniversary, but with some close family friends.  Who knows if I will ever get around to doing a post with pictures, although I've been informed that posts without pictures are boring, so I apologize!  It was a relaxing week full of good food, fishing, sunscreen, bug spray, bicycles, pool time, porch time, adult beverages, kayaking, people watching, more eating, and tee shirt buying.  I think it's something with us Southerners, we love a good tee shirt, and I came home with three.  We won't talk about how my tee shirt drawer was already overflowing before we left.

I am missing Blackberry Messenger and my old keypad like crazy; however, the android phones are phenomenal when surfing the world wide web.  I am no longer the texting fool that I used to be, but I think it's safe to say that the new phone will keep me from texting while driving.  I am loving all of the new apps I keep finding to keep me on my toes with anything I want!

Pinterest.  shew.  P-interest or pin-terest, however you say it, I like the latter choice.  It is addicting & creativity at it's best.  I compare it to cutting & pasting all of your favorite photos out of the best magazines, and having your own clipboard to store them in.  Minus all the scissor & glue work  :) 

I hope your summer is going well, as it has been over 3 months since my last post.  Please forgive me.  I've been busy with CPS On-Call, Vacation Bible School, three weddings, Joseph's softball games, estimates on doing work at his house, the gym, and getting to bed at a decent hour with hopes to make it to work on time on a daily basis.  Lord only knows if I'll get back into blogging, or end up stopping altogether.  At this rate, I can see the Pinterest addiction winning over blogspot real quick-like.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

So, I got a blog award!!  Yea, I know what you're thinking, I go weeks without posting and then when I do post, it is usually just nonsense that only I care about!!  Anyway, Ashley posted a link on my Facebook wall, "Giving you a Stylish Award" so I decided to participate.  The rules to play are as follows:

1.) I have to thank and link back to the blogger who gave me the award - so, thank you to one of my absolute favorite people, Ashley Heath!!  There are so many words to describe Ashley!  She is loyal, sincere, beautiful, stylish (hence the name of the award), kind, smart, and a devoted mother, just to name a few  :)  I've known her less than 3 years but within the first few weeks of getting to know her, I already considered her a best friend.  She is my boyfriend's sister, and I've been known to ask whether or not she will be present at a family dinner before I make my decision in attending.  I seriously *love* his family, and there is never a bad moment spent with them, but it makes things better when I know I will have two best friends present!!

2.) The next thing I have to do is share 7 things about me that most people may not know so here goes...

1 - I have a natural blonde streak in my hair.  That's right, it is natural - I have never colored my hair, not even once.  This may be qualified as two random facts but I will let it slide and keep thinking for the next six!
2 - I have a foot fetish.  If you are wearing sandals, rest assured that I will be checking out your toes.  If you are female, I expect to see them nicely manicured and painted.  No chipping polish, extremely long nails, fungus, etc.  It grosses me out and makes me want to tell you to put on closed toe shoes, but I am too nice.  I just make mental notes and probably won't look at your feet again for a few weeks.  I think it's safe to say I spent a lot of time at my aunt's nail salon while growing up!

3 - I have never had braces.  My teeth are 95% straight on their own and I am grateful.  However, they are full of fillings, but that's another post in itself about my self-diagnosed 'cancer of the mouth'.
4 - I was on a swim team as a child but I am embarrassed to admit it for the sole reason that as an adult, I can not dive.  I just admitted it.  You are welcome for the good laughs.

5 - I eat my cheese-toast with sugar on it.  I learned this from a fabulous friend, Hope Moore, one day after middle school at her Mema's house.  It is delicious and please don't knock it until you try it!!

6 - This weekend marks 5 years since I graduated from NC State University.  It is hard to believe that I have been in the 'real world' for that long, but I am proud to say that I had my first full time job at Johnston County DSS for 3 plus years.  I have now been with Lenoir County DSS for 2 years, and a total of 5 years with the government means I am fully vested and will always be entitled to the retirement benefits.wooooo!

7 - I am addicted to the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad from Wendy's.  One week I had eaten it 4 times in 7 days!  I highly recommend you trying this delicious meal of goodness if you haven't yet.  They even have it in a half size if you're feeling like a fatty and not "that hungry" but you just have to have it because it tastes so good (I have done this on occasion).

3.) The final thing I have to do is tag 15 recently discovered bloggers to receive this Stylish Award. This is very hard to do!  If I tagged you & you wish not to participate, no biggie.  I just tryed to think of as many people as I could that I know how to contact, who blog regularly, & blogs that I enoy reading. 

1. Shug in Boots
2. The Barker Family
3. Heir to Blair
4. chit-chatting with the Crews
5. Wades of 108
6. The Harrison Family
7. The Harrison Family
8. The Making of Mo
9.  The Asby Family
10. Souls to Squeeze
11. Southern Whimsical Grace
12. Welcome to Heardmont

4.) The final step is to contact these people to let them know...and yes, I couldn't even think of 15! Mucho Gracias!

Monday, May 2, 2011


DBT = Drive By Truckers, aka, a band that my boyfriend adores, and I simply listen to their music to make him happy.  On April 15, six of us took a trip to Wilmington to see the band, and live it up as if we were in college again.  The trip was part of Joseph's birthday present, as well as his cousin Eric, and a special thanks to Eric's wife, Jess, at Happy Adams, for letting us know of the event.  I arranged for a great deal of a Hotel in downtown Wilmington (gotta love that Government discout), and one of my good friends provided me with her regular cab driver, as well as her new "legit limo driver who charges cheaper than a taxi".  Yes, her description was oh so true, in case you're wondering.  The girls tried to enjoy ourselves since we could really care less about the music that the band played, but I can assure you that we enjoyed watching all of the people that attended.  There were definitely some sights to be seen!!

6 people stayed in one hotel room...but rode around all night in a limo...that's rockstar status if you ask me!

Joseph & I with Eric & Jess

Please note the lady's 'shirt' at the bottom left..

Jess & myself making the most of the evening!

Doug & his Jess

DBT, thanks for a great 'show'!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Happy Birthday to my DAD!!

There is no other person I'd rather share my last name with, my love for Eastern NC, my love for NCSU, my love for food, and the memories of my grandmother with.  I still wish you could have shared your green eyes with me, then maybe my blog name would have been better  :)

All jokes aside, I hope your day is simply fabulous, and that you know how much I appreciate you always being a part of my life, near or far.  I LOVE YOU!

*Sorry for taking a picture of a picture with my phone...I know the quality is no good but I just had to share.

Friday, April 29, 2011

my birthday one month later

I've told you once, but I feel like I need to say it everytime...I am sorry for being such a slack blogger.  This post is from my birthday, although it was late March and it is mostly pictures I just wanted to share  :)  We had dinner at The Broken Eagle downtown Kinston and then met up with more friends at the House of Wang and it was such a fun night.  I am extremely thankful for the friends and family that God has blessed me with.

Josh & Ashley very first best friend I can always count on.

Joseph & I 

Mallory, my sweet little helper

Patrick & Ashley, who so graciously made it to dinner after moving into their 'temporary' house ALL day and having to take cold them.

Mom & Lisa, BFF's


Andrews' men

And there you have a quick glimpse of my birthday dinner.  I was blessed with a Michael Kors watch, a Bailey's Gift Certificate, CAbi sweater, "the" Nine West nude heels I drooled over, money, a tervis tumbler, some new wine, a sassy new purple clutch, and a fabulous napkin holder.  Now I just have to get used to my new age  :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, we are two kickball games into the season...and our record is 0-2...not something to be excited about!  It would be nice to leave the field with a win, but we will take the loss as long as we are having fun and not getting hurt.  I mention 'not getting hurt' due to a game last year that caused one of our players to loose his two front teeth.  And he didn't have a jacked up mouth either, he had pretty, pearly white, straight teeth.  You see, that's what happens when you play 'ball sports' and you don't call the ball!!  Although I never was a 'ball sport' person, that game in particular showed me the importance of teaching kids early on to claim your game!!  Who knew kickball would be so dangerous!!  Two of our guys both went full-force for the ball in the outfield and collided.  Guy #1 elbowed Guy #2 directly in the mouth.  Guy #1 ended up catching the ball and we got the out, while Guy #2 ran off the field and motioned to another teammate (who just happened to be a nursing student) to take him to the ER.  Mind you, his hand was cupped under his chin, full of blood, and his two front teeth were literally, poking out of his top lip.  If you look closely at my team picture I posted before, you might can see Guy #2's missing teeth.  He was such a good sport about it, and even came to games after that one to support our team.  He also interviewed for a full time job at Spirit Aerosystems prior to getting his implants (aka, with no front teeth) and got the job!  Guy #1 had to have stitches in his elbow, and he is still playing with us this year.  Guy #2, however, was inspiration for our new team name.  Last year, we were 'Kickin It Old School', and this year we are the 'Toothless T's'.  Guy #2 approved of our name prior to having our tee shirts made, and I can honestly say the name is starting to grow on me.  Guy #2 has not quite made it to the field this year just yet...
You may have noticed the term 'ball sports' above...yes, I created that myself.  I danced and cheered growing up, and attempted to play soccer once in high school.  Basically, I lasted on the soccer team for about 3 weeks, aka, long enough to get a sweet hoodie that I still wear today.  I consider cheerleading as much of a team sport as any other sport, therefore I always feel the need to identify 'ball sports' from others.  I'm not going into a lot of detail with my reasoning, because that's not the point I'm trying to make here.  The point is, this 'non-ball sports playing girl', caught an air ball and got an opposing player OUT in our second game!!  I don't know who I impressed more, my teammates or myself!!haha.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We have our first kickball game tonight!  That's right, I know you're thinking about playing kickball in elementary school on the tiny field, but I'm talking adult kickball!  This is our second year playing and I'm so excited I can't contain myself.  And by excited I mean I am ready to get out there and kick the ball as hard as I can, only for the pitcher to catch it mid-air.  Excited means that I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I am brave enough to play in the outfield, but when the ball gets anywhere near me, I look around for the closest guy on the field and allow him to show off by catching or throwing for me.  Excited means our team has better cheerleaders than any other team.  Seriously, we have 3 current high school cheerleading coaches on the team, and I think all but 1 or 2 of the other girls also cheered while in school.  We were not your average ball-sport girls.  We are also the ones who usually enjoy being the catcher!  Excited also involves huge team dinners after games that include adult beverages as our very own personal reward, win or lose.  This picture is of our team last year, "Kickin' It Old School", although some of the people have been replaced but it is mostly the same crew this year.  I highly recommend you check your local Parks & Rec. Department to see if they offer adult kickball.  It is a great spring co-ed sport for your weeknight activities!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As I've stated before, I am blocked from blogger at work.  This is very very extremely aggravating.  I got the bright idea last week that I would write an email to myself, and then I would copy/paste the email's contents from my smartphone to blogger for a new post.  During working hours.  "WHAT?", you say?  If you only knew how excited I was for my newly invented trick.  Until I got to blogger and could not paste my text!  I repeat, I could not paste my text!!  I had logged in on my phone, everything looked the same as always, and I thought it was going to be a piece of cake while I surprised my friends with a post during business hours on a day that I was working.  WRONG!!  I tried multiple times for a good 30 minutes.  FAIL.  EPIC FAIL!  So then, not only was I mad at myself for spending time doing something non-work related while at work, I was mad because I practically wasted my time in general when my plan didn't even work!!  SO, my apologies for not being a creative go-getter and keeping up with this blog-world.  I confess, I get sucked into Criminal Minds on Wednesday nights.  I can also sit and watch HGTV for hours on end.  No lie.  But I do occasionally come up with good blog topics and I apologize that I have let you all down.  I am going to try to create some scheduled posts and remember to blog on a regular basis.  I know I've said this before, but it gets frustrating when I don't have the time, can't access the site, and my home computer is antique.  OK, my computer is not really antique style like the humongous monitor I had in college, but apparently laptops 5 years ago weren't made for a million pictures and I am too scared to delete them all.  I keep telling myself this is why my computer hums to me on a regular basis, and my battery life without the power cord is literally, one minute.  Maybe one day I will do some research and make a decision on the best computer for my needs.  I hope that day is soon.  However, I think an advanced smartphone is more affordable and realistic for the near future!  Please bare with me and I hope to be back in the regular blog-world soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Date Night

Last Wednesday, we had dinner with my dad and Diane and it was so nice!  We don't get to see each other often, but I am simply impressed that my dad has a smartphone and uses BlackBerry Messenger  :)  that has been a great way for us to keep up with each other a little better.  Since they live in Newport and his work schedule is never the same (he is gone for days at a time & then home for a few before heading back out), we got the idea to plan a dinner for one night in the month of April.  We decided it could be a late celebration for my birthday, and an early celebration for his birthday (April 30) and Joseph's (April 22).  Originally, the plan was for Joseph and I to go to their house and enjoy some of my dad's chicken wings.  However, it works out best for all of us that we get together on a weeknight, so I mentioned meeting halfway in New Bern since Newport is a good hour drive for us.  I told my dad the three good local restaurants in New Bern, being Captain Ratty's, Morgan's, and The Chelsea.  He browsed their menus online and told me exactly what I wanted to hear when he had decided the place.................MORGAN'S!!  That is my favorite and I can hardly wait to meet them there in a few short hours!!  This post was originaly written last Wednesday but I could never post it so I will keep the excitement for your imagination.
I have come to a realization that my dad and I always manage to find a way to talk about food.  Whether it's a new restaurant he has tried or a new restaurant I am trying.  It could be that he tells me of their latest home cooked meal, or I might tell him of Joseph's latest kitchen creation.  I think it's safe to say that I get my love for good food honest!

I can proudly confess that I eat whatever I want to eat, although I try to stay on the healthy side of things.  It doesn't always happen though.  Especially at Sunday Lunch at 'Grandma Jean's'.  However, this is my reasoning for working out - so if I want to have fried chicken, fresh green beans, homemade biscuits & gravy, creamed corn, homestyle potatoes, strawberry shortcake, and sweet tea every Sunday - I CAN!!  I try not to indulge in meals like that often, but it is impossible to pass up lunch at Joseph's grandmother's house on Sundays.  The. Best. Meals. To. Ever. Hit. My. Mouth.  PERIOD.  My goal in life is to be able to cook as good as she can one day.  Maybe one day.

I always look forward to a good meal, is that bad?haha.  My coworker Amy & I are going went to Pizza Villa for lunch today last Wednesday, which is another favorite local restaurant of mine.  She is from New Jersey, so I had to break her in to one of Kinston's finest eateries, and now she loves it.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing my happy times with others, and I hope my dad enjoys Morgan's tonight as much as I do!

*Now it has been 6 days since we met for dinner, and I can say that we all enjoyed our meals.  It was agreed that we should meet in New Bern more often as it was a 35 minute drive either way, and they have a lot more to offer than Kinston or Newport!!  Maybe this can become a once a month ritual  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

yes, I am still alive..

I often say to people that I haven't heard from in a while, "Oh, so you are still alive!"  Yes, it is a slightly smart response but it is something that I have always said when I miss someone.  So if you have missed me, I'M BACKKKKKKK!  Our training classes at work are over (woooooo!), and this upcoming week will be my first normal 5 day work week since January I do believe.  Maybe not, but it sure feels like it.  I don't have any after-hour visits and I should work 7:30-4:30 Monday through Friday.  That rarely happens!  I can not tell you enough how aggravating it is being blocked from blogger at work.  Google Reader is the next best thing, but if I want to see pictures on anyone's blog, it involves me having to use the ol' Blackberry.  Have I ever mentioned how I dislike having to use the blackberry for internet purposes?  Joseph has a Droid and it has really spoiled me.  They seem so much quicker and clearer and easier to use when navigating the World Wide Web.  Anyway, I rarely comment blogs because of this and I definitely don't post as much as I would like since we are blocked.  Since my work seems to be at a steady pase these days and my evenings are now free, I am going to try and get back in the habit of posting and I hope it will keep you all entertained.  Ashley, of The Deaver Family, has really gotten into her blogging and I so enjoy her daily posts because they are always so funny!  She has given me a hard time lately because I've not been posting, so I have a few up my sleeve and hope to return as a regular blogger soon!

I will share with you that Joseph joined me in 'Body Combat' this morning.  HI-LARIOUS!  He lasted the entire class, and claimed that the push-ups & sit ups were the 'only bad part'.  I am anxious to see how sore he is tomorrow!!  This afternoon, we are going to Mother Earth Brewery to hear a band and enjoy some time with good friends.  The boys are looking forward to grilling out tonight and watching the Final Four games.  I really wish there was still a team in the ACC to pull for, but at least I will be un-biased tonight.  Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

the alphabet game

A-Age: 26 (for a few more days)

B-Bed Size: Queen

C-Chore you hate: cleaning up hair off the floor that sheds from my head on a daily basis.  I have also begun to dislike putting up my hangup clothes in the closet...mainly because my closet is so jam-packed & I struggle to make room for the clothes that I actually wear.

D-Dogs: currently none...Smokey was our black lab when I was a child.

E-Essential start to your day: a nice hot shower & GMA.

F-Favorite Color: RED...crazy how my mom used to fight with me to wear red when I was little, but ever since I stepped foot on the campus of NCSU I've loved the color!

G-Gold or Silver: I love both & wear both.

H-Height: 5' 1"  (I used to always say "and a 1/2" after that but I've come to the realization no one cares but me)

I-Instruments you play: the peeling radio buttons on the jetta

J-Job title: Foster Care/Adoption Social Worker

K-Kids: none biologically, but a lot that I claim as my own (Mallory, Jenna, Jack & Adam, and Fisher), as well as my foster children at work  :)

L-Live: In the wonderful state of North Carolina!

M-My mom's name: Leslie

N-Nickname: Manning, boo, sis,

O-Overnight hospital stay: Sometimes on my days off, I will go all day without turning my tv on...I think I would go crazy if I had to stay in a hospital!  I'm blessed to say that I have never experienced it.

P-Pet Peeve: Bad. Table. Manners.

Q-Quote from a movie: "Nobody puts baby in the corner!" (Dirty Dancing)  &  "Why do you want to marry me anyhow?  - So I can kiss you anytime I want!"  (Sweet Home Alabama)

R-Right/Lefty: Right Handed

S-Sibling: I am an only child aka I was deprived from having fun as a child (can't wait for my mom's comment to this)!

T-Time you wake up: I try to be out of the bed at 5:45...ughh

U-Underwear: Victoria's Secret

V-Veggies you dislike: uncooked carrots, & celery...yep, that's about it!  I LOVE veggies!

W-What makes you run late: The most common thing is me not deciding on an outfit...for example I might think I have decided on what to wear, so I get out the iron and let it warm up, iron whatever needs ironing, put everything on, and then decide that I am not a fan at all.  Therefore, I'm back at square one after having wasted about 10 minutes of my time.  My next choice usually also requires to be ironed, and after that, there is no extra time to change my mind anymore even if I still don't like the outfit.  These are days that I really hope I don't have to see anyone important due to the fact that I dislike my 'last minute' outfit.

X-Xrays you've had: a million and one at the dentist, & one on my right hip

Y-Yummy food you make: Crunchy Baked Chicken, Amazing Asparagus (yes I just made that up), Potato Soup, Jalepeno Poppers, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and I have to stop here because I am getting hungry and it's only 9:30 in the morning!!

Z-Zoo animal: My favorites are the elephants, giraffes, and monkeys...but it has been about 20 years since I actually went to the zoo!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

f y i

My last post on Friday said that I was going to's not easy to dust your furniture when you don't have any Pledge.  Maybe today I will actually accomplish Step #1 and buy Pledge!

Monday, March 7, 2011

getting closer & closer to 30

My birthday is quickly approaching and for some reason, I'm not really a fan of this year's number.  And I probably won't be from here on out!  One of my friends used to talk about how her 25th birthday was such a slap in the face, but 25 did not bother me.  At the end of the month when I have to announce that I am 27, I will want to crawl under a table and hide!  Don't get me wrong, I know I'm young and have plenty of life left to live.  And I intend on doing just that in case you're wondering.  However, when I was little, I knew that my mom had me when she was 28 years old, and I always thought that I wanted to have my first child at that age.  WRONG!!  Now I love love love kids, but I am no where near the baby stage and in no rush for that dramatic change of lifestyle.  I have plenty of babies toddlers to spoil and I love them all so good.  It's nice knowing they love me back, but it's also nice to know I don't have to stay up with them all night because they're sick or had a bad dream.  I like my un-interrupted sleep way too much!!  Now, if any of my mom friends needed help with their little ones, and needed me to stay overnight, they know that I would be there in a heartbeat.  BUT, they are all phenomenal mommies and so far, I've not been on the 'emergency list' for these kinds of duties.  My plan is to wait until I'm at least 30 years old for kids, and then I am going to try and knock them all out as quickly as possible since I want at least two.haha.

On to the fun stuff, my birthday wishlist!!  No pictures this time because I'm too lazy to do the searches again, but, in no particular order:

-Nude Peeptoe Heels
-Michael Kors watch
-White Queen Sheet Set
-CAbi sweater
-Joan Rivers Clutch
-Dolla Dolla Bills yal
-Dinner at Chef & The Farmer is always a nice treat!!

SIDENOTE:  I will be teaching MAPP Training to prospective foster parents for the next 5 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and lucky for me, my birthday falls on a Thursday this year.  SO, I will be working 13 plus hours on my birthday...thankfully, the Friday after is my flex day so I will have a long weekend to celebrate!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my favorite month

March is by far my favorite month of the year, and not just because it's my birthday month!!  The days get longer, warmer weather is quickly approaching, flowers begin to bloom, and well, let's face it, my birthday.ha.  So many of my family and friends have March birthdays, and it's always nice to get together with everyone and celebrate another year.  Not to mention I love any excuse to eat some good cake.

This post might not be happening if it weren't for my wonderful friend, "Ashley #1".  She informed me that it was past time for me write a post, and I told her I never know what to write about.  Her response to me, "just write about what you've been up to, your funny random thoughts, your clumsy self, or anything."  So, this post is for you, Ashley Deaver!!

  • I recently ordered the new Rihanna CD and I'm in love.  It was delivered Wednesday but it was late when I got home that night so I didn't get a good chance to listen to it.  Thursday, I had a home visit over an hour away scheduled first thing in the morning, but I was pretty pumped about being able to listen to the CD and learn some of the other songs.  That is, until I was given the only county car with a cassette player instead of a CD player.  So I managed to stay awake by flipping through all the radio stations instead.  At least it did have cruise control.  As soon as I got back to the office, I copied the CD on my work computer and have listened to it nonstop ever since.  The songs have such a good beat and I can not stop singing them.ahhhhh
  • I have had a lot of talks with God lately.  There are just so many people who are in need of strength and healing.  Even if I don't talk with them as often as I should, I think talking to God about them is more important anyway.  I'm far from perfect, but I do believe that prayer is powerful. 
  • Today is super cleanup day.  My front bed is literally covered with piles of clean clothes.  At least they have been folded already.  Today's task is to put them all away.  Speaking of, I'm sure I have another load of laundry that I could be starting right now....and I should maybe dust because my bedroom dresser looked pretty bad with the early morning sunlight shining through.  I also have a few bags of trash in the storage room I need to take off, and I'm planning on painting my nails a new Spring color.  That's what flex days are for, right?!?!
  • I am pleased to announce that I transferred my entire tax refund amount, dollar for dollar, to my Credit Card account and in just a few short weeks that bad boy will be PAID OFF!!
  • Saturday is GNO...aka...Girls' Night Out.  That is all you need to know  :)

When trying to think of my latest clumsy episode for Ashley, the stomach bug comes to mind.  I say this because one Thursday a couple weeks ago I had to leave work early because I was sick.  My stomach had been feeling extremely wierd all morning and I had zero appetite at lunch (huge red flag).  I was on my way out the door to Rose Hill (about an hour away) for a home visit, when my boss insisted I cancel the home visit and go home because she could tell I was sick.  At one point as I was driving home, I thought I was going to have to use my empty OJ cup from that morning to catch what was going to come up if I didn't get to my house quick enough.  I made it to my driveway.  I got out of the car.  I was only a few feet away from my porch steps and had my keys in my hands, ready to unlock the door immediately.  And it happened.  I knew there was no time for me to unlock the door and get to the bathroom in the back of my house.  I did what anyone else would have done - sat my purse down on the front steps and continued walking away from the steps so that vomit would not be an additional welcome greeting beside my garden flag or doormat.  Mind you, I live on a pretty busy road in the small town of Kinston.  My first vomit, totally projectile, lasted for what seemed like 30 seconds in my front yard, as numerous vehicles were passing by.  Talk about embarrassing.  I came inside, got cleaned up and then proceeded to camp out in bed all afternoon/night.  I drank a total of 2 big Gatorades and had a few popsicles throughout the evening, and managed to eat a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup the next day for lunch.  Thankfully, it was a 24 hour bug, but it took my tummy about 48 hours to recover.  I don't know what having a baby feels like, but I swear it felt like every muscle in my stomach had been stretched out to the max and was finally trying to return to normalcy.  I was so glad to be feeling back to myself again and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fluff my pillow

If you recall from my Christmas wishlist post, I have been looking around for new bedding for a few months now.  When I say 'looking around', I mean contemplating a set in TJ Maxx for a good 15 minutes and then returning to do more thinking, only to walk out of the store empty handed.  I've shopped around on numerous websites, returned week after week, but ultimately decide that I will never be pleased without seeing the material in person.  I had this full out color scheme that I wanted to go by in my head, but when I stumbled upon this duvet cover yesterday, I could not stop thinking about it.  After getting no more than 4 opinions, I had placed the order in less than three hours.  THIS IS HUGE!!  I am slowly but surely becoming a better online shopper.  And if that doesn't scare you, it does me!  However, I have amazing images of this being a superb little makeover in my bedroom and I can't wait for it to take place!!  I will leave you with the image that sold me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Better After

I really can not take credit for this project, but I couldn't be more happier about it, and I have to share.  I thought about sending this to the Better After blog, but she would probably laugh at my project so I will just share it with you!

I inherited very few items when my Mama Dean passed away, although the handful of things I got mean the world to me.  A beautiful pearl necklace that I have yet to wear, two beautiful rings, a beautiful scarf that I almost always get complimented on, and a pair of white wooden rocking chairs that were always on her front porch.  Do you notice the 'beautiful' trend?  That's what I think of when I think of her, I really am so attached to these few items.  I've been told that the rocking chairs actually used to be my Great-Grandmothers, so there is no telling how long they've been in the family.  I was tickled that no one else wanted them and I could also have the same chairs on my porch.

The only problem is the paint had begun to continously chip off.  Getting rid of the chairs is not an option to me, so Joseph and I decided that we would try to tackle the refinishing project.  After about 5 hours, lots of elbow grease, 3 cans of the high-end paint thinner, and a lot of sweat on a hot August day, this is how far we got with the first chair....

We obviously had no clue that the chairs had been painted over numerous times in the past, including two different shades of green.  It was interesting to see the different paint colors, layer by layer!!  This chair stayed hidden in my storage room and became the perfect home for trash bags before heading to the trash dump for over a year.  Gross, I know.  I then purchased a new table/chair patio set for the back porch, and had one lonely white rocking chair hanging out, still with chipping paint, just missing it's mate.

Until I got to talking with my grandpa on my step-dad's side, and realized he would LOVE to do a project like I had in mind.  He has always loved refinishing furniture and has more knowledge about woodwork than anyone else I know.  DING DING DING!!!  I asked him if he'd be willing to do it, and warned him multiple times that it will take a lot of work, all the while he said, "bring me the chair, I will do it for you."

He had the first chair that we had started on complete within 4 days, max.  We switched them out and he did the second one in about 5 days, and I couldn't be more happy with them now.  The chairs mean even more to me now, knowing that two of my grandparents (from different sides) had a hand in them.

A special THANK YOU to my wonderful Aunt Gloria who told me about the amazing pillows pictured above.  I still can't believe they came from our WalMart and were only $10 each.  As soon as she told me about the great deal on their new outdoor pillows, I immediately went and bought these.  If only I had the decorating skills that she has.....maybe one day!  Until then, I'll settle for enjoying these pretties looking out at the cotton field behind my house.

Please disregard the pink crocs...they are not part of the new decor!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

first of the month

Since it's the first of February, I thought I might do a quick recap of how I am doing with my 'new years resolutions'.  I saw another blogger who does this monthly and I thought it was a neat idea.  I'm mostly only doing this with hopes that it will keep me motivated from month to month, but I figured I would share it with you all so you can hold me to it!

Read my daily devotional - To be honest with you, I just opened it & the date is January I need to do better!  I thought about making myself look better by stretching this story a bit, but let's face it....lying about this one would just be wrong. 

Buy a house - definitely looked at one 8296578 times and even met with a broker...I am pre-approved but this is nothing I want to rush into.  Still lots to ponder about this one.

Punctuality at work - was only late 2 mornings this month....I have even signed in at 7:24 a few times...I amaze myself on these mornings!

Exercising regularly/wellness walk at work - including my dance class & days at the gym, I think I have worked out at least 3 times a week except for one week this month.  It's been too cold to do the wellness walk, but I am planning to start soon.  Promise!

Sticking to the budget - I am sure my mother is interested to see this update.  She will be proud to know that I managed to make one paycheck last for 45 days.  Really, I didn't have a choice in the decision, but I am really proud of myself.  I still have some of my Christmas Bonus money left for a trip later this month and I didn't even use my credit card over the holidays!

Happy Birthdays - I admit that this one is pretty silly - but I am making an effort to let people know that I haven't forgotten them!
Run a 5K - I have signed up for one in March...although I am coming to the realization that I might be walking instead of running.  Baby steps, people, babyyy steps!

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals for the year??

Monday Monday

"HOTCAKES...get ya hotcakes!!"  We should have been yelling this last Wednesday night.  The Relay for Life team at my church decided that we would host Pancake Suppers to help raise money for Relay, and what a great fundraiser this has turned out to be.  Last year, we had one and raised around $800.  This year, we raised over $1100 at our first one, and the team wants to have at least two more.  I don't want to cause team members to get burnt out (including myself), but it was such a huge success!!  All of our feedback has been very positive and I look forward to working together with people I love for a great cause.  If you're in the area, stay tuned to my Facebook for the date of the February Pancake Supper.  It's a $5 donation for all you can eat, including bacon, ham & sausage...... ( I am getting hungry just talking about it! ).

We spent most of the weekend helping our friends move to their new house.  We moved 2400 square feet into 1400 square feet in less than 12 hours...AND even the kitchen and closets got unpacked.  Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the process, but Saturday was quite a busy and exhausting day, to say the least.  3 cars, 3 trucks, 2 long bed trailers, 7 people, sunshine, and two trips later, the Davenport's were moved into their new house successfully and we had eaten a wonderful steak dinner.  There were a few moments that made me want to cry during the process, but Stacie is the toughest cookie I know, and the day was so much more productive than anyone thought it would be.  I can't wait to visit again soon & see all the progress they have made.  They have two people coming to look at their house this weekend so say a little prayer (to whomever you pray to) that things will work out for them soon.

My supervisor has not been at work since Wednesday of last week and as sad as this may sound,  I am really expecting a sticker for my good work upon her return tomorrow (she gives them out regularly as if we were kindergarteners).  There has been a lot of priority lists as well as procrastination in my office the past few months.  It's a shame when you have to 'prioritize' your priority list.  But I did.  And I finally have some "breathing room".  You can now see the top of my filing cabinet, and most of my desk.

Joseph cooked a mean meatloaf tonight.  I absolutely love him.  I was folding laundry and picking up things around the house while he was cooking a scrumptious meal for the two of us.  I told him I was sorry for making him prepare things on his own, but I swear I think he enjoys it better than me being in his way.  We had meatloaf with baked potatoes, and roasted asparagus.  OH, and how could I forget that he picked up Sister Schubert's rolls as a surprise.  They are AH-mazing!!

We have a busy week of dinner dates at different locations planned with friends and family...followed by good times during Super Bowl Sunday!  I wouldn't trade a thing for my world, I am so in love with my life right now and the people in it.  I sometimes get worried that I have not thanked The Man Upstairs quite enough. 

So...Thank You!

(DISCLAIMER:  I started this post before 10:00pm but apparently couldn't hold my eyes open long enough to proofread it and publish.  I have got to stop this falling asleep on the couch nonsense!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In the midst of trying to do way too much during the one hour I have for lunch, today I was forced to have a 'pancake & sausage on a stick' (this has become my favorite breakfast meal by the way) for lunch as I was driving back to work.  Yes, this means I ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and yes, I realize it's not very healthy.  I did, however; decide to bring a container of cherry tomatoes with me to snack on because I knew I would get hungry again soon.  What a combination, huh?

I just love those little things and I could not stop eating them.  Within 30 minutes I had eaten almost the entire container.  This is not a good idea and please do not try this at home.  In my opinion, eating that many cherry tomatoes is the equivalent of eating sushi drenched in soy sauce.  You're probably wondering why I am comparing the two.  But you know the feeling where your belly pokes out so much you look pregnant no matter what you do.  There is no 'sucking in' until the wierd acid-ness feeling goes away.  Sometimes you even get a sharp pain that lasts for a few seconds just to remind you that something is just not quite right.  Now I'm no Nutritionist, but I do know that soy sauce is full of sodium and obviously tomatoes are full of acid.  On days when I have eaten sushi for lunch, I usually end up having to unbutton my pants when sitting behind my desk.  IT IS THAT BAD YALL!!  I will let you guess if I had to unbutton my pants today.

I quickly learned that when eating sushi, it is best to cut back (tremendously) on the soy sauce.  Today, I learned that eating that many cherry tomatoes is not good for the digestive system.  Doing this may or may not cause you to have gas.  I also do not recommend going to the gym the same afternoon.  And that, my friends (& stalkers), is your lesson of the day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i heart my twins

Although I grew up an only child, we lived right around the corner from my two cousins, and we have always had a close connection.  April is married with one boy, Fisher, and Donna, is a single mother of twin boys.  I admire her so much!!  Those boys are handsome and well mannered; however, they are very much 'all boy'!  Donna recently started a blog so I wanted to do a post with some pictures of her adorable boys over the past years.  I can not believe they will be 6 in March.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I have gotten a new computer since they were born (although I think it's time for another new one - anyway), so the only pictures I have access to start here..

Jack (on the right) has always been bigger than Adam.  I think they were a little over one year here.

They are SO silly together, it's so funny to me to see the things they come up with to stay occupied.

They also enjoy making faces when someone wants to take a picture.  Here they are with their amazing mama.

Before riding the train at the Nature Center last summer.

They adore their tool sets!

Joseph & I helped them 'carve' pumpkins last year.  While the adults carved large pumpkins, we made sure their pumpkins were 'kid-friendly' and we just used a magic marker to help them create the faces!

They played tee ball this summer, and they look so grown in their uniforms.  They loved it, and I can't wait to see them this summer.  Watching kids play tee ball was absolutely hilarious to me.  

Thanksgiving 2010, playing on their scooters.

It is really true, time flies the older you get.  It seems like just yesterday Donna bought her house & they moved from their cribs to toddler beds.  Now they are in kindergarten and growing up faster than I can keep up.  I am SO excited Donna has started a blog!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blogging might not be my thing

I am no good at this blogging stuff.  I can never think of good topics to write about (hence my 10 day hiatus) so tonight I will just post total random topics. 
  • I'm hosting a Scentsy Party next Thursday night at 6:30...if you live in the area please stop by!  I absolutely love their products & it will be a good excuse to get out of the house!!
  • Gina & I did attempted the body combat class at the gym on Monday.  Today is Wednesday & my arms still hurt when I take my shirt and/or coat off.
  • I am over winter.  Oysters and scarves are the only things I like about this season.  As of 2010, you might could add leggings to that list.  But seriously, I like to see one good dusting of snow per year and after that, I've had my fix.  By mid-January we had already seen two snows.  Warmer nights, Longer days, Walking weather, please hurry up.  PLEASE!
  • Yuengling goes down very smooth.
  • We are in the very beginning stages of planning a summer vacation at Ocracoke with friends and family.  I.  Can.  Not.  Explain.  How.  Much.  I.  Love.  Ocracoke!
  • Am I the only person who knows how I'm going to spend my tax refund prior to even submitting my taxes??
  • Monday was MLK day & tomorrow is my Friday.  I feel pretty good about the amount of organization my office has experienced so far this week.
  • I am looking forward to two friendly gatherings this weekend and good hanging out.
  • Did I mention that my work schedule changed to 7:30 - 4:30 as of January 1?  I think it's going to drive me to drinking coffee.  For now, I try to be in the bed before 10:30...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

resolutions for 2011

So I know that I am a little late with this, but I have decided to share my New Years Resolutions!  I have really high hopes for this new year and so far, this week is a great start.  I usually am not one to make 'resolutions', but I am going to try it out this year.  Why don't we just call them goals?  How many is too many?  Are we just comparing our resolutions to everyone else's?  Does it really help to write them out?  I'm here to tell you that my main reason in sharing them with you all is so that I will be able to stick with it, so please keep me on my toes.  I tried not to make anything toooo extravagant.

In no particular order...
  • read my daily devotional
  • buy a house
  • be more punctual at work
  • exercise regularly & utilize the 30 minute 'wellness walk' at work
  • use more coupons & stick to my budget
  • sending happy birthday wishes (i am terrible about forgetting good friends & there is no excuse thanks to FB)
  • run a 5k
I practially live by lists and by my planner, at work and at home, so I look forward to seeing how many items I can cross off of this list throughout the year 2011.  Happy New Year & Best Wishes to you all!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ashley #1 & Ashley #2

So I know I talk a lot about Joseph's sister, Ashley, aka, The Heath Bunch, a lot, but there is another Ashley that is extremely close to my heart.  Ashley Deaver & I have known each other ever since we can remember.  When our parents were still together, through their divorces, through their second marriages, through boyfriends, through summer camps, through numerous summers spent at the beach, through dance classes, through sleepovers, through high school, through college, through her marriage, her daughter, the gym, bunco, and the list goes on!  She has always been a long legged beauty, she gets that from her dad.  Me, on the other hand, I am usually the shortest person among any of my friends.  Therefore Ashley was always, "Ashley #1" and I was "Ashley #2".  What kid wants to be second place?  NOBODY!  But, I always told myself it was just a way for our parents to get our attention, and just because she was #1 didn't mean she was better than I was.  We are both equally important, right Ashley??ha!  Both of us were practically raised by our stepdads, difference is, hers didn't ruin things like mine did.  We have so much in common, yet we are so different, but she is and I have no doubt, will always be, one of my very best friends.  She has been there for me through thick and thin the past 25+ years and I hope that I can always do the same for her.

I got a terrible phone call yesterday morning to say that her stepdad had passed away.  He woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't feel his arm, so he woke her mom up and let her know they needed to go to the Hospital.  They both got dressed and before he could get out of his bedroom he had a massive heart attack.  January 6 is also her mom's birthday.  It just breaks my heart.  It is like a bad dream and we are waiting to wake up.  I am only sharing this information with hopes that you will please say some special prayers for the family of Mike White.  Ashley loved him SO much, and he did love her just as good, and he was always so proud of her.  He was such a loveable man, and his 2 year old granddaughter had him wrapped around her little finger.

I know the days, weeks, and months ahead will be so tough for the family.  I have said numerous prayers since that phone call, and I just ask that you please keep them in your thoughts as well.  Please also say a small prayer for me, as I will be reading a poem at his funeral.  It was on my heart all day yesterday to offer this to Ashley & her mom, because I know how much it meant to me when people spoke at my grandmother's funeral.  The words were on the tip of my tongue all day yesterday, but they just wouldn't come out.  However, when I sent Ashley a goodnight BBM last night, I knew exactly what I needed to tell her.  I have never done anything like this before.  I don't know that I can do it, but I honestly believe it was a sign from above, and I'm putting my trust in the big man upstairs to help me through it. 

Ashley reads my blog regularly, and I'm just waiting for the day that she starts her blog up again.  Yes, she has a blog, but I'm not doing a link to it because it's been so long since she has updated it, I hope she will forgive me!  And maybe she will surprise me with a post sometime soon  :) 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

white christmas

HI!  I am here, I am still alive, I have not forgotten about you blog friends!  Life just gets pretty hectic sometimes and I've been on the go a lot lately.  It doesn't help that I'm blocked from blogger at work, so google reader has become my best friend.  I may not comment on your blog, but have no fear, I am reading all of your updates anytime I please, thanks to google reader.

Let's start with Christmas....I must have been a really good girl, because Santa was very good to me this year!  Joseph surprised me with a Pandora bracelet and charms.  It was such a great surprise, I had actually been thinking about one for a few weeks, but hadn't mentioned it to anyone because I didn't know much about them.  Plus, you never know how long these fads will be around, and let's face it, Christmas of 2010 is pretty late to jump on the Pandora bandwagon that started 3 or 4 years ago.  Better late than never, right??  I am really loving my new piece of jewelry and even more excited that I can pick out charms in the future and keep adding to it!  He did a great job, considering every time he asked me what I wanted, I referred him to the blog.  I don't think he reads it therefore he probably had no clue what was or was not on my list, but no complaints on the jewels!

I got a lot of things that were on my list, minus a few CD's and the "A" hanging for my porch, and I also got a few surprises that were not on my list.  Some of my favorites are the Avon necklace, my NCSU hoodie, my new pocketbook, new scarves and new gloves.  A small thing my mom surprised both Joseph & I with were tee shirts from the new local brewery, Mother Earth, so that was exciting.  She has even been on a tour of the facility, we've really got to step up our game!  I got some new rainboots from Joseph's parents, apparently his dad thought they looked just like me, and I am loving them.  I actually got to put them to use the day after Christmas when we got about 5 inches of snow (more on that later).  My dad surprised me with the Down Home with The Neely's Cookbook, signed, "Ashley - Best Wishes, Gina & Pat" & I am tickled about it.  He did confess that they sign every book that's ordered, he just added my name in the 'shipping details' section.  I am so impressed, and that was definitely the most meaningful gift that I received this year!  And everyone loves money & gift cards, so I treated myself to a successful shopping day on New Year's Eve with Ashley.

What better way to end Christmas than to come home to snowflakes!  We had a long 18 hour day that included over 3 hours on the road, but coming home Christmas night to snow falling was so special!  After peeking out the window every few minutes for about 20 minutes, I was man down and sleeping peacefully.  My mom's 3 sisters had all planned to join us at church the next morning, but little did we know what we would wake up to.  About 8:30am, I looked outside and it was a winter wonderland.  Snow was everywhere, and it was still falling.  It was so pretty!  I seriously don't remember having this much snow since I was like 5 years old.  I didn't take any pictures of my house with my camera, but I did get one at The Davenport's, where we ventured to play board games and let the guys make a big pot of chili.  The girls got brave and decided to make a snowman.  I didn't think it looked too bad, but I was glad to get back inside to some heat!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with you & yours!  I am so fortunate to have so many special people in my life, and thankful that Christmas gave me time to focus on just that.