Thursday, April 14, 2011


We have our first kickball game tonight!  That's right, I know you're thinking about playing kickball in elementary school on the tiny field, but I'm talking adult kickball!  This is our second year playing and I'm so excited I can't contain myself.  And by excited I mean I am ready to get out there and kick the ball as hard as I can, only for the pitcher to catch it mid-air.  Excited means that I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I am brave enough to play in the outfield, but when the ball gets anywhere near me, I look around for the closest guy on the field and allow him to show off by catching or throwing for me.  Excited means our team has better cheerleaders than any other team.  Seriously, we have 3 current high school cheerleading coaches on the team, and I think all but 1 or 2 of the other girls also cheered while in school.  We were not your average ball-sport girls.  We are also the ones who usually enjoy being the catcher!  Excited also involves huge team dinners after games that include adult beverages as our very own personal reward, win or lose.  This picture is of our team last year, "Kickin' It Old School", although some of the people have been replaced but it is mostly the same crew this year.  I highly recommend you check your local Parks & Rec. Department to see if they offer adult kickball.  It is a great spring co-ed sport for your weeknight activities!


  1. THe question is..... Did you get Mayonaise written on the back of your jersey??????