Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fluff my pillow

If you recall from my Christmas wishlist post, I have been looking around for new bedding for a few months now.  When I say 'looking around', I mean contemplating a set in TJ Maxx for a good 15 minutes and then returning to do more thinking, only to walk out of the store empty handed.  I've shopped around on numerous websites, returned week after week, but ultimately decide that I will never be pleased without seeing the material in person.  I had this full out color scheme that I wanted to go by in my head, but when I stumbled upon this duvet cover yesterday, I could not stop thinking about it.  After getting no more than 4 opinions, I had placed the order in less than three hours.  THIS IS HUGE!!  I am slowly but surely becoming a better online shopper.  And if that doesn't scare you, it does me!  However, I have amazing images of this being a superb little makeover in my bedroom and I can't wait for it to take place!!  I will leave you with the image that sold me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Better After

I really can not take credit for this project, but I couldn't be more happier about it, and I have to share.  I thought about sending this to the Better After blog, but she would probably laugh at my project so I will just share it with you!

I inherited very few items when my Mama Dean passed away, although the handful of things I got mean the world to me.  A beautiful pearl necklace that I have yet to wear, two beautiful rings, a beautiful scarf that I almost always get complimented on, and a pair of white wooden rocking chairs that were always on her front porch.  Do you notice the 'beautiful' trend?  That's what I think of when I think of her, I really am so attached to these few items.  I've been told that the rocking chairs actually used to be my Great-Grandmothers, so there is no telling how long they've been in the family.  I was tickled that no one else wanted them and I could also have the same chairs on my porch.

The only problem is the paint had begun to continously chip off.  Getting rid of the chairs is not an option to me, so Joseph and I decided that we would try to tackle the refinishing project.  After about 5 hours, lots of elbow grease, 3 cans of the high-end paint thinner, and a lot of sweat on a hot August day, this is how far we got with the first chair....

We obviously had no clue that the chairs had been painted over numerous times in the past, including two different shades of green.  It was interesting to see the different paint colors, layer by layer!!  This chair stayed hidden in my storage room and became the perfect home for trash bags before heading to the trash dump for over a year.  Gross, I know.  I then purchased a new table/chair patio set for the back porch, and had one lonely white rocking chair hanging out, still with chipping paint, just missing it's mate.

Until I got to talking with my grandpa on my step-dad's side, and realized he would LOVE to do a project like I had in mind.  He has always loved refinishing furniture and has more knowledge about woodwork than anyone else I know.  DING DING DING!!!  I asked him if he'd be willing to do it, and warned him multiple times that it will take a lot of work, all the while he said, "bring me the chair, I will do it for you."

He had the first chair that we had started on complete within 4 days, max.  We switched them out and he did the second one in about 5 days, and I couldn't be more happy with them now.  The chairs mean even more to me now, knowing that two of my grandparents (from different sides) had a hand in them.

A special THANK YOU to my wonderful Aunt Gloria who told me about the amazing pillows pictured above.  I still can't believe they came from our WalMart and were only $10 each.  As soon as she told me about the great deal on their new outdoor pillows, I immediately went and bought these.  If only I had the decorating skills that she has.....maybe one day!  Until then, I'll settle for enjoying these pretties looking out at the cotton field behind my house.

Please disregard the pink crocs...they are not part of the new decor!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

first of the month

Since it's the first of February, I thought I might do a quick recap of how I am doing with my 'new years resolutions'.  I saw another blogger who does this monthly and I thought it was a neat idea.  I'm mostly only doing this with hopes that it will keep me motivated from month to month, but I figured I would share it with you all so you can hold me to it!

Read my daily devotional - To be honest with you, I just opened it & the date is January I need to do better!  I thought about making myself look better by stretching this story a bit, but let's face it....lying about this one would just be wrong. 

Buy a house - definitely looked at one 8296578 times and even met with a broker...I am pre-approved but this is nothing I want to rush into.  Still lots to ponder about this one.

Punctuality at work - was only late 2 mornings this month....I have even signed in at 7:24 a few times...I amaze myself on these mornings!

Exercising regularly/wellness walk at work - including my dance class & days at the gym, I think I have worked out at least 3 times a week except for one week this month.  It's been too cold to do the wellness walk, but I am planning to start soon.  Promise!

Sticking to the budget - I am sure my mother is interested to see this update.  She will be proud to know that I managed to make one paycheck last for 45 days.  Really, I didn't have a choice in the decision, but I am really proud of myself.  I still have some of my Christmas Bonus money left for a trip later this month and I didn't even use my credit card over the holidays!

Happy Birthdays - I admit that this one is pretty silly - but I am making an effort to let people know that I haven't forgotten them!
Run a 5K - I have signed up for one in March...although I am coming to the realization that I might be walking instead of running.  Baby steps, people, babyyy steps!

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals for the year??

Monday Monday

"HOTCAKES...get ya hotcakes!!"  We should have been yelling this last Wednesday night.  The Relay for Life team at my church decided that we would host Pancake Suppers to help raise money for Relay, and what a great fundraiser this has turned out to be.  Last year, we had one and raised around $800.  This year, we raised over $1100 at our first one, and the team wants to have at least two more.  I don't want to cause team members to get burnt out (including myself), but it was such a huge success!!  All of our feedback has been very positive and I look forward to working together with people I love for a great cause.  If you're in the area, stay tuned to my Facebook for the date of the February Pancake Supper.  It's a $5 donation for all you can eat, including bacon, ham & sausage...... ( I am getting hungry just talking about it! ).

We spent most of the weekend helping our friends move to their new house.  We moved 2400 square feet into 1400 square feet in less than 12 hours...AND even the kitchen and closets got unpacked.  Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the process, but Saturday was quite a busy and exhausting day, to say the least.  3 cars, 3 trucks, 2 long bed trailers, 7 people, sunshine, and two trips later, the Davenport's were moved into their new house successfully and we had eaten a wonderful steak dinner.  There were a few moments that made me want to cry during the process, but Stacie is the toughest cookie I know, and the day was so much more productive than anyone thought it would be.  I can't wait to visit again soon & see all the progress they have made.  They have two people coming to look at their house this weekend so say a little prayer (to whomever you pray to) that things will work out for them soon.

My supervisor has not been at work since Wednesday of last week and as sad as this may sound,  I am really expecting a sticker for my good work upon her return tomorrow (she gives them out regularly as if we were kindergarteners).  There has been a lot of priority lists as well as procrastination in my office the past few months.  It's a shame when you have to 'prioritize' your priority list.  But I did.  And I finally have some "breathing room".  You can now see the top of my filing cabinet, and most of my desk.

Joseph cooked a mean meatloaf tonight.  I absolutely love him.  I was folding laundry and picking up things around the house while he was cooking a scrumptious meal for the two of us.  I told him I was sorry for making him prepare things on his own, but I swear I think he enjoys it better than me being in his way.  We had meatloaf with baked potatoes, and roasted asparagus.  OH, and how could I forget that he picked up Sister Schubert's rolls as a surprise.  They are AH-mazing!!

We have a busy week of dinner dates at different locations planned with friends and family...followed by good times during Super Bowl Sunday!  I wouldn't trade a thing for my world, I am so in love with my life right now and the people in it.  I sometimes get worried that I have not thanked The Man Upstairs quite enough. 

So...Thank You!

(DISCLAIMER:  I started this post before 10:00pm but apparently couldn't hold my eyes open long enough to proofread it and publish.  I have got to stop this falling asleep on the couch nonsense!)