Monday, May 2, 2011


DBT = Drive By Truckers, aka, a band that my boyfriend adores, and I simply listen to their music to make him happy.  On April 15, six of us took a trip to Wilmington to see the band, and live it up as if we were in college again.  The trip was part of Joseph's birthday present, as well as his cousin Eric, and a special thanks to Eric's wife, Jess, at Happy Adams, for letting us know of the event.  I arranged for a great deal of a Hotel in downtown Wilmington (gotta love that Government discout), and one of my good friends provided me with her regular cab driver, as well as her new "legit limo driver who charges cheaper than a taxi".  Yes, her description was oh so true, in case you're wondering.  The girls tried to enjoy ourselves since we could really care less about the music that the band played, but I can assure you that we enjoyed watching all of the people that attended.  There were definitely some sights to be seen!!

6 people stayed in one hotel room...but rode around all night in a limo...that's rockstar status if you ask me!

Joseph & I with Eric & Jess

Please note the lady's 'shirt' at the bottom left..

Jess & myself making the most of the evening!

Doug & his Jess

DBT, thanks for a great 'show'!

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