Monday, August 8, 2011


I seriously can not get enough of my new android phone, Pinterest, & Ocracoke Island.  If you don't know much about either of these, I highly recommend you doing some research.

We just spent 5 days in the lovely Outer Banks of NC, at OI last week.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  Joseph & I took a trip a few months before our 1 year anniversary, and this trip just happened to fall on our 3 year anniversary, but with some close family friends.  Who knows if I will ever get around to doing a post with pictures, although I've been informed that posts without pictures are boring, so I apologize!  It was a relaxing week full of good food, fishing, sunscreen, bug spray, bicycles, pool time, porch time, adult beverages, kayaking, people watching, more eating, and tee shirt buying.  I think it's something with us Southerners, we love a good tee shirt, and I came home with three.  We won't talk about how my tee shirt drawer was already overflowing before we left.

I am missing Blackberry Messenger and my old keypad like crazy; however, the android phones are phenomenal when surfing the world wide web.  I am no longer the texting fool that I used to be, but I think it's safe to say that the new phone will keep me from texting while driving.  I am loving all of the new apps I keep finding to keep me on my toes with anything I want!

Pinterest.  shew.  P-interest or pin-terest, however you say it, I like the latter choice.  It is addicting & creativity at it's best.  I compare it to cutting & pasting all of your favorite photos out of the best magazines, and having your own clipboard to store them in.  Minus all the scissor & glue work  :) 

I hope your summer is going well, as it has been over 3 months since my last post.  Please forgive me.  I've been busy with CPS On-Call, Vacation Bible School, three weddings, Joseph's softball games, estimates on doing work at his house, the gym, and getting to bed at a decent hour with hopes to make it to work on time on a daily basis.  Lord only knows if I'll get back into blogging, or end up stopping altogether.  At this rate, I can see the Pinterest addiction winning over blogspot real quick-like.


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  1. Girl! Don't you know? The crack addiction part of the Droid as far as texting (for me) is that you can hit the little microphone and talk to text. It's actually usually pretty accurate if you talk slow. ;) Glad you are alive still. I kept checking your blog and would be sad when it would say, "May 6 - Stylish Blog Award". :)